An Inside Look At The Andre Iguodala Workout

Andre-Iguodala-300x225(Sorry for the slow images, I’ve already minimized images to make my site faster) Andre Iguodala sure made a lot of waves when he joined the Denve Nuggets in August 2012. Why the excitement? Iguodala’s addition to the Nuggets roster has made the Nuggets a solid contender for national championships according to many basketball analysts. It is easy where they get their excitement from. After all, he consistently scores well and is a solid performer throughout his whole eight year stay at Philadelphia. Iguodala’s tenure at the Philadelphia 76ers made that team quite a contender. Sadly, the Sixers weren’t able to quite field the right team roster around Iguodala. The Nuggets have a great opportunity to build a winning team around this talented shooter. What makes Andre tick? His workout, of course. In fact, his workout can help many people looking to lose weight or stay in shape.

Running and jogging
Running/jogging is a great cardiovascular activity that burns a lot of calories. It also boosts your running speed and your energy levels. If you have marveled at Andre’s explosive bursts of speed and energy, the secret is the amount of running he includes in his regimen. He runs three times a week. This is a good idea for anyone looking to build up their stamina and speed because it allows the body time to repair itself after intense training intervals during the week. Even though I shouldn’t say this after attempting a bike tour last year (booked through which was beautiful but very demanding of my lazy body to say the least.

Jump rope
Andre made a name for himself for his high jumps. His vertical leap is quite a sight to behold. What is his secret? Strong calves thanks to consistent jump rope exercises. To jump as high as Andre, you’d need to build up your calves and leg muscles. You can condition your muscles with the right jump rope exercises. This builds up their ability to push ever higher and it is also a great cardiovascular exercise.

Weight training
Of course, Andre’s strong presence on the court and his ability to maneuver against opponents takes a lot of upper body strength This is where Andre’s continuous daily weight training comes in. Not only will building up your striped muscle mass give you strength, it will also help turn your body into a hyped up calorie burning machine. Striped muscle consumes more calories throughout the day than smooth muscle. Andre not only lifts for repetitions. He also lifts heavy weights. This increases his upper body strength and gives him the mass to move his weight around the court. In the NBA, you need a lot of mass behind your drives or you will run into a lot of human walls. Andre’s strong drives come from having the right combination of speed, power, and mass.

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