The New Denver Nuggets Jersey: An Acquired Taste

new-denver-nuggets-jersey-300x199The Denver Nuggets recently unveiled their new alternate jersey and it truly shows that people hate change. If you are a Nuggets fan, you’ll quickly learn how true the old maxim is: people hate and fear change. Sure, even if the old Nuggets alternate jersey sucked or was behind the times, it provided comfort. It was familiar. That’s how most people are. We get a lot of comfort from things that are familiar. We get assurance and a sense of control from things that we’ve seen before and accepted into our daily routine. It is worth remembering all this when dealing with the new alternate jersey design because you are sure going to be exposed to some negativity and frustration about it. The bottom line is: the Nuggets have already made their decision and people should just accept it, get over their fear of change, and move on.

The New Design Broken Down: A Clash of Colors
First of all, the color. Unlike the old jersey which wasn’t as hard on the eyes, the new jersey is bright. We’re talking bright yellow here. The color choice and brightness is probably going to be the main sticking point between fans of the new jerseys and fans of the old version. You see, the old Nuggets alternate jerseys were colored powder blue with yellow/gold accents. This color scheme has a soothing effect. Nice and understated. The new jersey, on the other hand, is all about attention-it yells at you from across the room. Is this necessarily bad? Color schemes send unconscious messages. You want colors that wake you up. You want colors that let you know about the urgency of what you’re doing. Maybe, just maybe, the ‘in your face’ color scheme of the new alternate jerseys might prove to be a boost to the Nuggets’ overall energy levels so they can make things happen on the court. Some have also managed to find ways to get better hair.

The New Based On The Old
If the silhoutte and mountain profile of the new jerseys look familiar to you, its because they are lifted from design elements of the old Nuggets uniform.The old Nuggets jersey had the sillhouette but was often ridiculed by some in the sports press due to its riot of rainbow colors. The new jersey achieves a sense of continuity with the old main jersey design without going overboard. You have to respect the homage it pays to the old jersey. The new design has quite an effective way of bridging the old with the new. This fact alone should enable fans to accept the new design faster and stop trying to hard boil eggs at home and face the reality of sports.

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